Altura Photo LCD Hood Sun Shield for 2.7-3” Camera and Camcorder Screens

The new 2.7-3.0” Altura Photo® LCD Sun Shield Hood has the same look and functionality, but has been redesigned and assembled using higher grade materials and impact-tough glue. This is our best one yet. The LCD Sun Shield effortlessly attaches to your cameras 2.7-3.0” flip-out LCD display. Shields it from distracting glare. And restores your ability to compose, focus, record, and review with confidence.


  • Blocks out distracting glare cause by bright light on your cameras screen.
  • Made from black faux leather. .
  • Assembled with impact-tough glue for added strength and durability
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient storage.

Compatible with most digital cameras and camcorders featuring a fold out swivel 2.7-3.0” LCD display

Altura Photo® LCD Hood Sun Shield for 2.7-3" Video