Altura Photo® Neutral Density Professional Photography Filter Set (ND2 ND4 ND8)

    Altura Photo Neutral Density Professional Photography Filter Set (ND2 ND4 ND8)

    Altura Photo's Neutral Density filters are an essential addition to any photographer's arsenal. These simple yet powerful filters can dramatically improve your shots. Use ND filters to emphasize motion, or to make busy scenes appear surreal and calm. ND filters allow you to use larger apertures in bright light for a shallower depth of field, or achieve sharper photos.

  • High-quality optical design set inside a lightweight aluminum frame.
  • ND filters reduce the amount of light passing through the camera lens without any loss of color quality or sharpness.
  • Eliminates overly bright washed-out images
  • Enables you to use longer exposure times to emphasize movement for a more artistic effect.
  • Allows you to use larger lens openings in bright light to achieve a shallower depth-of-field.
  • Stack multiple filters for an even greater effect.
  • Includes a tri-fold protective pouch for storage and protection.
  • Filter Strength
  • ND2 reduces the exposure by 1-full stop
  • ND4 reduces the exposure by 2-full stops
  • ND8 reduces the exposure by 3-full stops

  • NOTE: This Altura Photo filter set is compatible with all 37mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm lenses. Please verify your camera's lens thread size before ordering. Your camera's lens thread size will be marked somewhere on the lens barrel or printed underneath your lens cap. This number is always preceded by a "Ø" (diameter) symbol